Hey there.

I’m a brand strategist, designer, philanthropist, BodyTalk and LifePrint Practicer dedicated to exceptional design and good living.

With a Degree in Graphic Design from Inscape Design College and a successful career in the corporate industry, I chose to pursue my dreams of being a full-time Brand Builder and Holistic Therapist. It is my absolute privilege to bring your visions to life. I look forward to connecting with you about the life and the business that you are looking to create.


Build your brand


I am a true believer that whatever your vision is for your life and career, you have the power to make it happen. 


I have two loves, I love engaging with creative minds, passionate self-starters and innovative companies to create strong brands, and creative solutions that help them take their ideas and passions, and turn them into thriving businesses. As a Brand Strategist and a Designer, I am dedicated to exceptional design and innovative strategy that is unique and cutting edge. I want your business to stand out in all the right ways.

For the last four years, I’ve been serving people just like you. People who want more from life - who want the freedom to do what they love and live the life they dream of living too. I have worked with many top clients such as Vodacom, Nandos and First National Bank to mention a few. My area of specialties apart from branding are PowerPoint Presentations and Interactive PDFs.


Clients I've worked with

Holistic Therapy


My second love is working with individuals and couples, helping them to discover their potential, let go of limiting belief systems, and create lives that are filled with joy, good health and abundance.

I use LifePrint, BodyTalk and Reiki techniques as touchpoints into my healing work.

I believe in balance. But I also believe that balance looks different for everyone. As an entrepreneur, I understand the passion and drive it takes to make your goals a reality but I also know the struggles you face - old or new, big or small. What is important is how necessary is to take care of yourself so you can take care of your business. Let me show you how.

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a few fun facts

  •  I have a dog named Alice. She is named after my favorite movie Alice in Wonderland, and I have a cat named Luna, her nickname is little cat because she just forgot to grow!
  •  I carry crystals around wherever I go!
  • I do pottery as a hobby, don’t believe me? Check out Zulu Rosemary :)
  • When I'm not designing, pottering (making up words), cuddling with my animals or binge watching Netflix, I'm probably eating doughnuts. I'm kinda obsessed.
  • I usually start eating chocolate at about 10am everyday with my second cup of coffee after my bowl of coco pops. #sorrynotsorry
  • I am your typical type A, introverted personality and I love organization and to-do lists but will be the first to throw it out the window for the good stuff that can only be enjoyed in the moment.
  • Speaking of coco pops, I could eat cereal every day of the week, but actually eat it more as a bedtime snack than for breakfast because I love all breakfast foods

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